Manchester, Connecticut

Development Applications, Regulations and Maps

Matthew Bordeaux, Senior Planner, 860-647-3288
David Laiuppa, Environmental Planner/Wetlands Agent, 860-647-3046

General Timeline of the Application Process

Amendments to Zoning Regulations:
Description Approved Effective Additional Information
Revised Downtown Manchester Architectural Design Guidelines
6/3/19 6/21/19 Amended Text
Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan Signature Block
5/20/19 6/7/19 Amended Text
CUD zone revisions
5/20/19 6/7/19 Amended Text
1/23/19 2/8/19 Amended Text
Sign Size Limitations in the Central Business District
10/15/18 11/1/18 Amended Text

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Administrative Procedures: