Manchester, Connecticut

Development Applications, Regulations and Maps

Planning Department 860-647-3044
Megan Pilla, Senior Planner, 860-647-3288
David Laiuppa, Environmental Planner/Wetlands Agent, 860-647-3046

General Timeline of the Application Process

Amendments to Zoning Regulations:
Description Approved Effective Additional Information
PROPOSED - Parking Surfacing
    Proposed Text
Hotel/motel conversion to multifamily in GB zone
7/7/21 8/1/21 Proposed Text
Public Hearing Exhibit
CBD Zone,  Sidewalk Cafes and Seasonal Vestibules
2/17/21 3/10/21 Proposed Text
Public Hearing Exhibit
 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
2/17/21 (with modifications) 3/10/21 Proposed Text
Public Hearing Exhibit
Waiver of landscape/screening requirements for schools and places of worship
12/7/2020 12/21/2020 Approved Text
Light Industrial in CUD Zone
8/17/2020 9/1/2020 Approved Text
Public Hearing Exhibit

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