Manchester, Connecticut

Planning & Zoning Commission: Inland Wetlands Agency: Aquifer Protection Agency

Decision Notice for 9/20/21 Meeting

Manchester has a combined planning and zoning commission. It has also been designated the Inland Wetlands Agency and the Aquifer Protection Agency. This means that a property owner or developer can obtain all of the necessary land use approvals from one body, creating a coordinated, streamlined process.

Planning Commission: Prepare and adopt the plan of conservation and development; review and make recommendations on proposed municipal improvements; establish regulations for subdivision of land; hear and decide on applications for the subdivision of land.

Zoning Commission: Establish zoning districts and regulations; provide for the manner of enforcement of regulations; hear and decide on site plans, special exceptions or special permits for development.

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency: Adopt wetlands/watercourse boundaries and regulations; hear and decide on applications for work involving regulated activities in wetlands or watercourses; hear and decide on petitions to change regulations or boundaries.

Aquifer Protection Agency: Adopt and implement regulations to protect Manchester's groundwater supply; inventory and register existing regulated facilities in Aquifer Protection Areas; hear and decide on applications for new regulated activities.

  • Planning & Zoning Commission:  Inland Wetland Agency:  Aquifer Protection Agency Members
    • Members
      • Eric Prause, Chairman
      • Patrick Kennedy, Vice Chairman
      • Michael Stebe, Secretary
      • Jessica Poland
      • Dean Ott
    • Alternates
      • Julian Stoppelman
      • Teresa Ike
      • Bonnie Potocki


Planning and Zoning: Megan Pilla, Senior Planner  860-647-3288
  Gary Anderson, Director of Planning  860-647-3044
Inland Wetlands / Watercourses: David Laiuppa, Environmental Planner/Wetlands Agent or
Aquifer Protection: David Laiuppa, Environmental Planner/Wetlands Agent 

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