Manchester, Connecticut

Cheney Brothers National Historic District Commission

The Cheney Brothers National Historic District Commission is an advisory commission dedicated to promoting, encouraging and securing the preservation and rehabilitation of the Cheney Brothers National Historic Landmark District.  The Commission advises the Planning and Zoning Commission on all development applications for properties in the Historic Zone which is a part of the district.  The Commission also advises the Planning and Zoning Commission on zoning regulation and zoning map amendments, and the Town Board of Directors on publicly funded development activity in the district.

If you own a property inside the Landmark District you may contact the department for advice on renovations or changes you are considering for your property. 

Please refer to the Architectural Design Guildlines - Manchester Historic District for information regarding improvements to historic homes.  

Gary Anderson, Director of Planning and Economic Development, or at 860-647-3044.
46th Annual Walking Tour through CBNHLD
All welcome! Free, informative! 10/9/21 
 Meet at Fuss & O'Neill at 1:00 p.m.

More info:

CBNHLD Interactive Map provided by Manchester Historical Society.  For information or questions about this map please email or call 860-647-9983.

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